Great White 3D Snowboard - 140
Great White 3D Snowboard - 140
Great White 3D Snowboard - 140
Great White 3D Snowboard - 140


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This is the Great White 3D Snowboard by Grassroots. Size is 140.

Great White 140cm 3D


The Great White’s has a very playful and surfy feel, with a crescent tail that is just deep enough to give some extra bite but not so deep that it prevents backwards riding. A longer, more drawn-out nose and lightly tapered reverse sidecut gives this board it’s surf-like character and maximizes floatation, planing and stomping ability for larger airs. This model maintains it’s agility in technical terrain while still being able to maintain stability at the highest speeds in open terrain. This directional hybrid can be still be ridden backwards (flat base models) with good control, keeping your options open for freestyle riding. For a slightly looser “fins out” feeling and optimal backwards riding choose the flat base. For mainly directional riding, more aggressive turning ability, better float and higher performance in packed and variable conditions choose the CDC 3-Dimensional Base.

-Ideal for dry powder conditions of 5″ (13cm) or deeper – See the Barracuda 3D models for best performance in shallower or variable conditions.

Recommended Sizing – US boot sizes: 9-13  /  Weight: 130-230 lbs

Shark Graphic by Jordan Nielson