Flex Lock Splitboard Binding Part
Flex Lock Splitboard Binding Part
Flex Lock Splitboard Binding Part
Flex Lock Splitboard Binding Part


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Splitboard Binding Part
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This is the Flex Lock Splitboard Binding Part by Karakoram.


Sidehilling – no longer the bane of splitboarders. Simply flip the Flex-Lock lever to gain sidehilling leverage. You’ve never been so powerful while touring in icy conditions. Flip the lever back to regain lateral flex to surf the mountain and kick your methods.

Maximize Edging
. Within the triangulation between the top of highback and ankle strap, lateral support is guaranteed and it prevents your ankle from rolling over. Therefore a maximum power transfer to the edge of ski is possible. The One Flip Operation enables a quick 180° flip from flex-off to flex-on.  Thanks to the Ankle Strap Release no third strap to remove is needed because it releases when ankle ratchet is released. Through the Full Range Motion  a full range of lateral flex when Flex-Lock turned off is possible. 

After 8 years of testing and proving itself in the field, the Flex-Lock has held firm as one of our best touring innovations to date. We thought this would be an appropriate time to revisit the numbers behind our most popular touring accessory.  Flex-Lock is the best option for softbooting snowboarders looking for maximum efficiency and stability on their tours.  Here’s the blog post Russell put together when we originally first released the Flex-Lock, along with an all new video of the Flex Lock in action.



 Flex-Lock: Ride Like a Soft Booter. Tour Like a Hard Booter.
Imagine touring up a hard packed skin track on your splitboard: your legs are on fire as you spit and fight with every ounce of strength and focus just to keep your edges griped to the slope. You’re trying to keep your cool so your buddy on AT gear, who’s effortlessly dancing up the path, doesn’t notice your struggle. Your downhill leg is contorted and awkwardly twisted inward as you desperately try to keep your edges from rolling down hill and breaking free from the firm snow. You even resort to the karate chop technique to set your downhill foot. When you do make it to the top, you realize that you’re physically worked because of the incredible effort you just exerted. This was the story of a soft boot splitboarder until now.