Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ion 10 Ski Bindings
Ski Bindings

ION 10

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This is the Ion 10 Ski Bindings by G3.


The ION's proven performance, simplicity, and reliability in a high value model with a lower release range of 4-10 for smaller and less aggressive skiers.

We've maximized energy absorption, meaning minimized pre-releases. The ION maintains consistent release values in landings and compressions. Features step-in guidance for quick, easy & consistent step-in. QuickFlick Heel Lifts means they're easy to grab with pole or hand. Turn the ION heel in either direction to lock for touring with either hand.  The snow clearing channel prevents snow buildup and avoids unwanted pre-releases. Heel AFD gives consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type. Includes powerful & dependable brakes.


  • Optimal Energy Absorption
  •  Step-In Guidance : Quick, easy & consistent step-in
  •  QuickFlick Heel Lifts
  •  User Friendly Heel Rotation
  •  Single Tool : Pozi Drive #3 for all mounts and adjustments
  •  Snow Clearing Channel
  •  Powerful, Dependable Brake
  •  Heel AFD : Consistent release for all boots
  •  Width : Bindings will fit most skis up to 5mm above the stated width (ex. An ION 10, 85 mm binding will fit most skis up to 90mm width)