Bullet Train Plus Snowboard - 160
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This is the Bullet Train Plus Snowboard by Korua. Size is 160.

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The Bullet Train is designed specifically to make fast and clean turns on hard-pack groomers. Named after the high-speed trains of Japan, it reflects key characteristics of a Bullet Train: incredibly fast, smooth, and precise. In the words of co-founder and lead ambassador Nicholas Wolken: "This is by far the best specific soft boot carving board I have ever ridden!" Designed for the advanced and experienced groomer-lover.


The vibration-absorbing titanium construction offers a smooth ride and better torsional properties, providing excellent edge-hold on ice and the ability to effortlessly cut through bumps. We recommend riding this board with steep positive binding angles and a narrower stance, to allow even deeper carves and to let the board flex naturally under your feet.


Our FULL CAMBER is a modern version of the traditional camber that many of us grew up with. Like most classic camber profiles, it offers great stability and excellent grip from tip to tail as the full length of your edge lies in the snow during a turn. Unlike the classic version, ours offers more float and speed in soft snow due to a smoother transition into the nose area.

Length (cm) 160
Effective Edge (mm)  *A* 1324
Running Length (mm) 1180
Nose Width (mm)  *B* 321
Waist Width (mm)  *C* 269
Tail Width (mm)  *D* 299
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 9.8
Setback (mm) 20
Taper (mm) 22
Recommended Stance (cm) 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 49-61
Board Weight (kg) 3.1
Switch Riding Challenging


The Bullet Train features a vibration absorbing titanium construction, bionic core design, and the highest grade grapite Perlatech base material for a smoother, faster and more precise ride.


This chart shows the range in what each size can handle. It is never our intention to categorize riders and their preferences. Our philosophy of snowboarding is to try new shapes, lengths, widths, and to keep an open mind for alternative riding experiences; however, we do have some limits to consider so that your board will work as it was designed to.

Your weight plays a major role in how the board will flex, and your shoe size will affect toe and heel drag when turning. The below size chart is for reference only, as our recommendations may vary depending on your stance and riding ability.

Size (cm) Max Boot Size (EU) Max Boot Sole Length (cm) Rider Weight Range (kg) Max Rider Height (cm)
160 46 31.4 cm 65-95+ kg 190 cm