40s & Shorties doesn’t even have an “About Us” section on their website. “What we do speaks for itself,” says Drewbyrd, producer and tour DJ for Dom Kennedy, Fairfax regular, and one-fifth of the operation behind the lifestyle sock brand. Him, and two buddies he grew up with – Adem Niazi and Ryan De La Cruz – started with a simple urge to displace themselves from their 9–5 grind, have fun, and to just put Drew’s humorous ideas on something. The first thought was to make an emoticon app that would include twerkers, 40oz bottles, and blunts; the second idea – was socks. Now, the team has expanded to include Lumbo and Jay Partow; Adem and Ryan have since quit their day jobs to do 40s full time; and the five guys are working on their fourth season of socks.