Lentilles pour Iphone et Samsung de type wide angle et fisheye.

Dedicated to crafting the highest quality mobile accessories at affordable prices, Death Digital strives to connect a world of digital devices through shredding and sharing.”

Over the past few years, high end cameras and cell phones have quickly collided into essentially the same product. In most everyone’s pocket lies a phone with a camera that is far more powerful than high end cameras from the past decade. In order to help make our mobile devices more useful we have developed the world’s widest and easiest to use fisheye lens. In our past a group of 5 or more would share a VX1000 and legit fisheye setup. The struggle to get footage and share footage was difficult to say the least. Now we hope to pay our struggle forward by providing a lens that anyone can afford and anyone can use with their very own cell phone. With a nod to the past and our vision on the future we bring you the Death Lens, fit for any iPhone and select Samsung models.