Palace Skateboards has rapidly evolved from a core group of friends in London to one of the most recognized skate and fashion brands worldwide.

Founded by London born and principle designer Lev Tanju with the help of Slam City Skates, Palace produces both skate hard goods and a full collection of '90s inspired sportswear, t-shirts and sweats. London scene veterans including Fergus Purcell, Will Bankhead and others are also heavily involved.

The Palace aesthetic owes much to hometown London and the PWBC ('Palace Wayward Boys Choir') with a team that includes locals Olly Todd, Torey Goodall, Benny Fairfax, Lucien Clarke and Chewy Cannon. 

The respect Palace have managed to garner in a relatively short space of time has seen them earn ongoing collaborations with adidas and Reebok amongst others.