We are proudly carrying and supporting skate company Polar! Hailing from Malmö, Sweden and captained by Pontus Alv, founder, art director, illustrator, filmmaker, editor, skater and DIY innovator.

The guy is a creative force unlike any other in the contemporary skate scene. And with the help of co-founder and artist Stefan Narancic, the brand has quickly become known for their always impressive graphics – each deck could very well be a wall hanger. Alv’s modernist illustrations almost seem sculpturally inspired, while Narancic’s surreal, disjointed and occasionally haunting illustrations are original and intriguing in their own way. It’s more fine art than skateboard graphic. Though that may be the point – who’s to say there’s a difference? Now add in the crude, cartoonish graphics by Jacob Ovgren and you have opposing styles that somehow feel cohesive.

Across the board, Polar produces far and away the most exciting, interesting graphics currently on our shop walls. And when paired with a stacked team of international rippers, the small company holds a large presence in returning skateboarding to its arts-driven, DIY roots. 

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