Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink
Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink
Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink
Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink
Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink
Face Mask Pastel Scarf - Pink


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This is the Face Mask Pastel Scarf by Coal. Color is Pink.

Our pleated double-layer cotton face masks meet all CDC requirements for non-medical protective face covering to keep you and your community safe. 


  • Preshrunk tight-weave double layer cotton fabric.
  • Adjustable nose bridge for snug fit.
  • Washable and breathable.
  • Elastic over-ear loops for a secure fit.


These are non-medical, non-N95 masks, which are currently reserved for healthcare workers. The CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering while social distancing and in crowded spaces to shield yourself and others. It's also recommended to wear a double-layer, natural fiber mask as these protect more than a synthetic fiber.


Masks are one size fits most, youth and adult age 14 and up. Pleats expand to fit. Will fit most face shapes.


  • Width: 8 5/8", 22cm
  • Length: 4 1/4", 11cm
  • Extended Length: 7", 18cm
  • Ear Loop Length: 5 7/8", 15cm


Wash & Care:

Wash regularly to limit the spread of germs, based on frequency of use. Machine wash hot, tumble dry on high heat. Do not dry clean.

How To Wear:

Fit your mask to your face by molding the bridge to your nose. When wearing do not touch the front, adjust only by touching the ear pieces. While out, make sure your mask fully covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth while wearing or during removal. Wash hands before and after use.