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The ultra-light Otto Plus is a freestyle-focused carving board with a twin-like shape and a slightly stiffer flex and torsion than the classic version. Inspired by our ambassadors James and Weli, who are known for their creative carving and park riding, the Otto Plus excels at everything from side-hits to transitions, and charging all over the resort. With its light-weight and responsive build, this board is loaded with pop and ready for a wild ride!

The Otto Plus is perfect for riders who want to lay focus on their turns without sacrificing freestyle performance. The neutral taper and smaller setback allows for smooth switch riding, take-offs and stability when stomping landings in all types of terrain and conditions. Add our classic KORUA side-cut and you get one of our most versatile all-mountain shapes.

The Otto Plus features our FLOAT CAMBER, which curves into a rocker shape in the nose. This profile provides excellent float in deep powder while maintaining speed throughout the turn. The camber under-foot offers extra pop for ultimate air-time and stability for carving on-piste, while the early rise in the nose allows for an easy initiation of turns.


Length (cm) 157 161
Effective Edge (mm)  *A* 1170 1210
Running Length (mm) 1010 1050
Nose Width (mm)  *B* 298 309
Waist Width (mm)  *C* 260 268
Tail Width (mm)  *D* 298 309
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8,2 8,3
Setback (mm) 10 10
Taper (mm) 0 0
Recommended Stance (cm) 55 56
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 50 - 64 51 - 65
Board Weight (kg) 2.4 2.6
Switch Riding No Problem No Problem

The Otto Plus features a dynamic multiaxial full carbon construction, super-light bionic core design, stringer reinforced paulownia wood, and the highest grade grapite Perlatec base material for a lighter, faster, and more responsive ride.

This chart shows the range in what each size can handle. It is never our intention to categorize riders and their preferences. Our philosophy of snowboarding is to try new shapes, lengths, widths, and to keep an open mind for alternative riding experiences; however, we do have some limits to consider so that your board will work as it was designed to.

Your weight plays a major role in how the board will flex, and your shoe size will affect toe and heel drag when turning. The below size chart is for reference only, as our recommendations may vary depending on your stance and riding ability.

Size (cm) Max Boot Size (EU) Max Boot Sole Length (cm) Rider Weight Range (kg) Max Rider Height (cm)
157 44 31.2 cm 55 - 90 kg 190 cm
161 48 32.3 cm 65 - 95+ kg 195+ cm